NuGen Overview

DMC Medical has developed a new and exciting range of copolyester syringes with advanced features. High-performance BPA free syringe with improved chemical and  lipid resistance plus glass-like transparency for the prefilled drug market.

Launched in collaboration with Eastman Chemical Company the NuGen™ syringe can be custom designed in accordance with our customers specific requirements.


  • BPA free (Bisphenol A)
  • Advanced chemical & lipid resistance
  • Glass like clarity
  • Increased toughness
  • Custom design/configuration availability
  • Custom printing/plunger color
  • Suitable for EtO, Gamma Irradiation & E-Beam sterilization
  • Cost effective alternative to glass, COC, COP

Tough and clear, the NuGen™ is your alternative choice to polycarbonate, COC, COP and glass. Suitable for EtO, Gamma & E-Beam radiation sterilization.

Extensive testing such as:

  • Push force
  • Luer taper
  • Thread, lock fitting
  • Design of piston/plunger assay
  • Plunger locking, fit of piston in barrel
  • Air/liquid leakage past piston
  • Nozzle lumen
  • Tolerance of graduated capacity
  • Dead Space
  • Lubricant
  • Scale extension
  • Graduation lines
  • Barrel length
  • Finger grips
  • Fiduciary line
  • Cleanliness

Available in luer lock 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 10ml, 20ml & 30ml with seven different plunger color variations. Supplied bulk non-sterile the NuGen™ syringe is manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012. Tested to ISO 10993 and 510k approved.